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    Experts and all-rounders – together as your team.

    We, that is the managing partners Svenja Hinrichs and Kajo Wasserhövel.

    Our veins both flow with the blood of political business, be it political parties, ministries or social actors; from internal restructuring through to external campaigns. When the client gives the push, it is us who set things rolling.

    We, that is the elephant team.

    We don’t ‘go on’ on projects, we go in. With interest, expertise and discretion. If necessary, all together. Because at Elephantlogic not only one consultant takes care of a project, but the whole team takes care of the client.

    Agency Heads

    Svenja Hinrichs

    Managing Partner

    Actively involved in three federal election campaigns for the SPD since 1998. Headed the office of the Federal Minister of Education and Research and was responsible for planning and strategic communication in the Federal Ministry of Labour.


    Kajo Wasserhoevel

    Managing Partner

    Organized four federal election campaigns for the SPD from 1998 to 2009. Winner of best campaign manager of the year: 2005 Politics Award. State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Labour and headed the planning group of the SPD parliamentary group.


    Christian Drewes

    Senior Consultant / Creative Director

    With his far-reaching experience in planning and designing creative campaigns, over fifteen years as head of communications in both the service and tourism sectors, and multifaceted expertise as a consultant and coach – the communications and marketing specialist brings considerable practical know-how and a great deal of creative intuition and sensitivity to our team.



    Sebastian Reichel

    Senior Consultant / Social Media Director

    Designing and managing online campaigns in elections and for ministries for over twenty years, he has become an experienced (social) media specialist. A graduate in political science, he transfers the spontaneity and creativity of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to the analogue world of campaigns and creates media plans across multimedia.

    Thomas Trappl-Bäcker

    Senior Consultant

    Specialized in stakeholder management, policy analysis, strategic monitoring and strategy development. Experienced in dealing with complex issues, the graduate in political science’s key focus is on the issues around health and energy policy.

    Silke Rieger

    Senior Consultant

    The graduate in European science has an in-depth knowledge of international relations and complex political structures. She comprehends the matter at hand with clarity and is able to rapidly grasp even complex issues and effectively translate them into orderly concepts and schedules in project management, and provide practical support during their implementation. 

    Alexander Ciupka


    After more than four years in the heart of democracy (the Bundestag) and a digital consultancy, the political and administrative science graduate translates his comprehensive understanding of political issues and actors into sound advice and brings his focus on digital policy to the effective management of projects. 

    Manja Sacher


    The event manager has numerous years of experience in developing, organizing and implementing events of all kinds and dimensions. In particular, she is an expert in developing event concepts, both their technical and organizational aspects, and their seamless implementation – physical, hybrid or digital.



    Christian Schuh

    Head of Websites & Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

    Creates professional websites, emailing and interactive online formats. The qualified administrative officer worked in the management offices of the education and labour ministries, supported the 2005 and 2009 election campaigns for the SPD party executive and discovered early on his enthusiasm for the practical design of the many facets an innovations of the digital world.



    Sabine Mehl


    With her overview of the management of her projects and clients, the qualified foreign language correspondent diligently and efficiently supports the practical implementation of campaigns. Researching and analyzing thematic issues, she gets to the heart of complex topics and texts.



    Franz Wasserhoevel


    Provides support and documents workshops, researches and analyzes thematic issues, stakeholders and political scenarios, and generates monitoring formats that are clear and reliable.  

    Johannes Ost

    Junior Consultant / UX Designer

    Designs, creates and manages professional websites. After numerous years managing campaign sites for various organizations, the qualified user interface designer translates his skills in layouts, elements, palettes and fonts into intuitive, relevant and impactful webpages.


    Nick Mertens

    Junior Consultant

    The graduate in media and entertainment management with international experience sums up complex issues clearly and comprehensibly. Reliable and diligent, he provides support and documents meetings, and oversees various monitoring formats.


    Jakob Wasserhoevel

    Junior Consultant

    Structured, diligent and constant, he researches and documents, and brings monitoring formats to the point. 


    Top Dog

    Always present at every key meeting – under the table.


    Maria Hinrichs


    With her numerous years of experience, the financial accounting and payroll is under her control – totally. She keeps her eye on all key deadlines and appointments, and never ‘turns a blind eye to…., well anything’.



    Ian Whalley

    Accounting / English Support

    A business English translator active for numerous years across all sectors translates, proofreads and polishes English texts, and provides the team and clients coaching in English. He also turns his eye for details to the financial accounting and payroll.



    Andrea Weber

    Office Management

    Takes care of all practical things to ease everyday office life, is the go-to person for procurement and purchasing, and organizes all our team and guest’s needs. 

    Always looking for new people

    If you are interested in an internship or a job as a trainee, we look forward to hearing from you.

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